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This is How We Say “ONOSYS’

By: Sara Sep 12

Did you take one look at our logo, our company name, our swag store items, and think, “how the heck do I say that word”?! Are you sitting in front of your computer, staring at the screen, experimenting with different variations – oh-no-sis and on-uh-seez both look like they might work…

Welp, at ONOSYS, we are here to help! We have assembled our crew to give you our best practice in pronunciation. Without further adieu, this is “How We Say ONOSYS”!

Merchant Spotlight: PAUL

By: Brittany Jun 10

PAUL is a French chain of bakery/cafe restaurants featuring a specialty menu of gourmet pastries, breads, sandwiches, soups, and more. In early 2013, PAUL launched online ordering with ONOSYS in seven of its US locations for both catering and carry-out. In this merchant spotlight, Philippe Sanchez, President & CEO of PAUL USA explains why the brand chose ONOSYS and why he believes online ordering is a must-have solution to compete in the restaurant space.

1.  Why did you choose online ordering with ONOSYS?

Early this year, launching a catering service became a priority for PAUL and we knew we needed an online ordering platform to support it. We ultimately chose ONOSYS for several reasons – They offered a cost effective solution that was quick to implement and the ability to access a large network of customers for additional marketing opportunities and added exposure through the LivingSocial website and its mobile app.

2.   How would you describe your experience with the product and service thus far?

We’re pleasantly surprised and very impressed. We’re still impressed by speed of implementation, by the responsiveness and engagement of the ONOSYS team and most importantly, how easy it was for PAUL operationally. All we had to do was provide our catering menu and day-to-day menu and in a matter of a few weeks we were accepting orders.  The whole process was super easy and that’s been key.

3.   How are you spreading the word to new/current customers (any specific marketing tactics)?

We recently launched an internal marketing campaign in which we trained store managers to promote the online ordering platform both in-store and over the phone. Supporting elements include uniform buttons, window clings, and key screen ads that promote the messaging “Cut the line – Order online.” We’ve also leveraged our social media channels, namely Facebook, to promote the campaign to our online followers. So far it’s been quite successful!

4.  What kind of impact has online ordering had on your restaurant so far?

Since we’ve launched the catering business – and the online ordering platform in conjunction, we’ve seen a 3% boost in revenue. To date, we’ve considered the launch of catering to be extremely successful and we know that it’s due in part to the online ordering. It’s was absolutely essential add-on to the catering initiative.

5.   In your opinion, why is online ordering a ‘must-have solution’ to compete in the restaurant space?

If a restaurant wants to be able to lure their customer to place a large order and you’re in the catering business, you must have an online ordering solution. It’s very easy to use and the customization of the ordering page gives customers the impression they are on the PAUL website – which promotes a trusted experience. And with the minimal upfront cost, fast execution with low work for the merchant, there’s really no excuse not to have it.

How to link to your custom ordering page

By: Brittany Jun 10

So you have online ordering. Now what? One of the most effective ways to inform hungry customers and spread the word is to share it on your restaurant’s website. And one little link goes a long way! Prominently display a graphical “order online” link at the top of your restaurant’s homepage to maximize awareness. The easier it is to find, the more likely a visitor will be to order. So don’t be afraid to make it bright and eye-catching. Need a little more how-to’ness on properly linking to your online ordering page?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting the Order Online link on your website.

  • The link should be on every page. The link should be available on every page of your website. This will ensure that the user is able to reach your ordering site no matter what page they happen to be on.
  • It should stand out. The link should stand out and be easily visible on the page. This could be accomplished by using color, text decoration (ex. underlining the link), increasing the size of the text, or placing the link in your main navigation (which should already stand out).
  • It should be consistent with your website. While you do want the link to stand out, it should also fit in with your website’s design. For instance, if you place the link in your main navigation, it should appear as the other links in your main navigation do.
  • Consistency. Above all else, the Online Order link should have consistent design and placement on your website, from page to page. This way, once the user has located the link, they can always expect it to be there.
  • Hire a web designer. If you’re unable or unsure of how to place the link, hire a professional. This person will be able to present you with options, offer advice, and actually get the link placed on your website. 




















Cast your vote and exercise your right to free food!

By: Brittany Nov 06

Happy election day! After months of political ad (nauseam) and campaign coverage, it’s almost safe to turn on the TV and check your Facebook feed again. And to that we cast our ballot!

But that’s not the only important issue that gets our vote. Like most Americans, we’re proud supporters of food freebies and discounts. And luckily, many restaurants across the nation are celebrating the big day with big deals.

We choose the following:

  • Tim Hortons is giving away a free donut with the purchase of any beverage. Some voters will also get free coffee and donuts while they wait in line at local polls in Michigan, Ohio, and New York.
  • Boston Market is holding a “Bowl Poll” today where you can cast your favorite market Bowl (chicken or turkey) and the winner of the poll will be announced on November 7. Boston Market will offer everyone a free Market Bowl with the purchase of a drink.
  • Domino’s Pizza is hosting “Voter Bootcamp” in which Facebook fans are able to “vote on some other important issues,” such as thin crust vs. hand tossed, take out vs. delivery, and more for the chance to win free food and prizes.
  • California Tortilla is giving away a free taco to each customer today. All you have to do is show your “I Voted” sticker and you can score a free taco with no other purchase necessary.
  • White Castle is also encouraging its Facebook fans to exercise their right to vote between the new sweet potato waffle fries or the crinkle cut french fries in exchange for a free small order.

Is your restaurant offering a special promotion for Election Day? Feel free to share here!

We’re ONOSYS and we approve this message. 

Recap: ONO-CON 2012

By: Brittany Oct 17



Last week we hosted our second annual ONOSYS User Conference (ONO-CON) in our nation’s capital – and LivingSocial’s hometown – of Washington, D.C. And we’re excited to report that our sophomore soiree was not only a repeat success but even more fun than the last!

Our two-day learning conference gave a handful of our clients the opportunity to experience what we’ve been up to in the last year. And first and foremost, that meant introducing them to our new family – LivingSocial. We held our learning sessions at the awesome live events concept space 918 F Street to give them a taste of everything that LivingSocial has to offer.

Mitch Spolan, rockstar presenter, and SVP of National Accounts, shared how daily deals can help grow a restaurant’s business by finding and keeping more customers in a very viral way. We also introduced them to LivingSocial’s Takeout and Delivery – the latest and greatest online ordering portal that gives 65 million hungry customers a quick and easy way to order the food they love.

The ONOSYS product was also front and center as we reviewed all the latest features and functions of our V4 product offering. To top things off, our good friends Boston Pizza and Papa Gino’s shared best practices in maximizing online ordering both with unique ad campaigns and business analytics.

But of course there was so much more to ONO-CON than learning sessions! We played Sporcle, sipped old-fashioned cocktails at a speakeasy, surprised and delighted with FroYo, snapped some pics at the White House, and ate/drank our way around Capitol Hill. 

Check out the highlights pics on our Facebook page. And while you’re there, don’t forget to click that “Like” button to keep in the loop of future ONOSYS events. Huge thanks to all of our guests for taking time out of their very busy schedules to join us at ONO-CON. Hope to see you all for an even bigger and better 2013!


ONOSYS Swag Shop

By: Brittany Oct 03



American Apparel – California Fleece Pullover Hoodie
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To purchase items from the ONOSYS Swag Shop, contact SwagShop@onosys.com

Why savvy restaurants track patrons’ preferences

By: Brittany Sep 27

When it comes to choosing a restaurant, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (cue the Cheers theme song). But even more appealing – and impressive – is when the folks there already know you prefer crushed ice over cubed and your patty a little pink.

According to a recent New York Times article, more restaurants are paying attention to your pesky preferences and using that knowledge (aka data) to please you. For example, they’re recording whether you’re a regular, first-timer, or a friend of the manager. They archive where you like to sit and whether you want Pepsi over Coke.

There’s more. With a few clicks, savvy food spots can trace your past performance as a diner; how much you ordered, how you tipped and whether you were a ‘table camper’ that lingered long after dessert. Feeling a little guilty right now? Don’t be.

Restaurants say their main goal of keeping score is to pamper you – to recreate the comfort of a local corner spot. But they’re also looking after their bottom line. In a cutthroat industry, this kind of intelligence gathering can make or break ‘em. And the ability to know and read a customer is critical to staying on top.

A solid online ordering system rocks data collection like nothing else. It gives restaurants a complete picture of the online customer so they can tailor communications to their specific interests and needs. It personalizes the relationship and boosts loyalty and engagement, thus creating the “Cheers” effect even on the web.

So the next time you’re dining at your favorite spot and the server brings you stevia instead of sugar, don’t think it’s because you have a killer smile. Know that they know because a computer told them so.

What do you think about customer profiling. Operators, is this something you do? Feel free to share a little food for thought here! 

Ordering online; Quadruple the bacon, minus the guilt

By: Brittany Aug 16

Think about it — when you order something online, you enjoy a wealth of options, skip long lines and avoid seeing other people. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to ordering food, you might go a little overboard. Like double meat, extra cheese overboard.  Besides, there’s no one there to judge you.

But you’re not alone. A new study by the University of Rochester evaluated 160,000 orders from a popular pizza chain over a four-year period. What they found was online orders by the same people who had ordered on the phone or in person previously were 15 percent more complex, 4 percent more expensive, and 6 percent higher in calories.  It even points out the statistic that when ordering online, people quadrupled their bacon toppings!

This proves that when we’re hiding behind a monitor, we’re more likely to throw our inhibitions to the cyber-wind.  The social transaction is eliminated, as well as the embarrassment that would influence a lighter order. Besides, not many people have the guts (pun intended) to add a fourth layer of bacon to a pizza when they’re face-to-face with a waiter in public.

While this research may be heavy news for consumers’ wallets, it’s positive proof for restaurants. Online ordering leads to higher average ticket sizes by allowing you to upsell products to customers (calorie-conscious or not) that love to customize.

So the next time you’re standing in line at a coffee shop do you go for the double-whip grande mocha despite the onlookers from every angle? Or do you wish upon an online order so you can grab and go without the guilt? Feel free to share a little calorie-free food for thought.

ONOSYS Supper Club – Jezebel’s Bayou

By: Monica Woller Aug 13

Oh, Cajun food, the style of cooking named for the French speaking immigrants of Louisiana, or in ONOSYS terms ‘just plain delicious’. The travels of the ONOSYS supper club continued with a mouth-watering trip to a new East-Side restaurant, Jezebel’s Bayou.

Quickly gaining notoriety in the area as a wonderful place to satisfy your spicy desires, this new establishment goes the distance to bring New Orleans inspired food to the table. Seriously, they ship their seafood in daily from Louisiana which means (based off the calculations of Google maps) that shrimp and crawfish traveled one thousand and fifty miles to end up on your plate.  Impressive? Maybe it wouldn’t be if the food hadn’t been prepared with care and mindfulness of flavor, but that doesn’t seem to be this tasty location’s MO. To partner with some classic entrée’s such as jambalaya, chicken etouffee, and creole we also had a wonderful selection of specialty drinks and appetizers. The majority of the group enjoyed trying out starters such as alligator and melt-in-your-mouth catfish.

While filling our quickly contented stomachs we were also treated with friendly and insightful service as well as the relaxed yet appealing contemporary décor. The attention by staff made it feel almost like we were on stage – or wait, we were, literally. Part of the restaurant’s layout includes a small ‘stage’ yet thankfully the heightened seating didn’t come with a script to perform. 

Jezebel’s Bayou is well deserved of the great reviews it has consistently received since its opening. Enjoyed by all we may just take up the manager’s request to come visit again soon.


Top Ten Things To Do With Your ONOSYS Spark Award!

By: Brittany Jul 24